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The History Of The Lega Basket Serie A

The History Of The Lega Basket Serie A

The premier professional Basketball league in Italy is the Serie A League and its players represent the best of Italian Basketball.

The Serie A features 16 teams from across the country. The teams are relegated as the lower tier teams are replaced by the winners of the Serie A 2 playoffs. Let’s take a look at how the league started, its history and growth.

The First Tentative Steps

The Serie A league found its start with the early professional basketball teams like Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna, who were founded as gymnastic clubs in the early 1870s. The various clubs around Italy eventually came together to enter talks about a professional League, in order to structure the sport better and further develop the game’s popularity.

These early talks culminated in the establishment of the Serie A League in the late 20’s and it held its first Championship in 1945, which was won by Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna for the next 3 years.

For a period between 1955 and 1965 the Series A was renamed the First Series. It was Series A President Claudio Coccia who suggested that the old name of Serie A be put back into use.

It wasn’t until 1974 that major changes were brought to the League when Coccia suggested that the formulas they used to place and rate teams within the league should be updated. They adopted a much more modern system that had shades of the American NFL and NBA structures and criteria and focused far more on sporting prowess and performance.


The League Changing Team Criteria

The special ten-point scale that was used to rank the teams looked at:

1. The Team’s standing in the last season firstly.


2. What the condition of the team’s stadiums and facilities were and whether they lived up to specifically set criteria of the Italian Basketball League.


3. If the teams complied with the minimum disciplinary standards as set out by the League


4. Which teams paid for promotions and other media in their region


5. The population numbers of the city for the team in question


6. The number of teams in the region who qualify for the Serie A


7. The number of teams in the province that are eligible for Serie A entry


8. Whether the team represented or was headquartered in a regional capitol


9. Whether the team was located in a provincial capital


10. Guarantees of the team’s financial stability and profitability.


This ten-point system of criteria would have massive repercussions in shaping the path of the Serie A teams going forward.

A Force In Europe

The Lega Basket Serie A has featured 99 local teams in its lifetime of which 17 have been crowned champions. This figure may seem a bit skewed for a league that has run since the 1940’s but that is just because sides like Olimpia Milano and Virtus Bologna have won the title multiple times. Over the years the league has also become popular with bettors, and with the advent of live sports betting it has grown even further.

Olimpia Milano hold the record with 27 wins, and Virtus Bologna is a close second with 15 title wins.

The Serie A today is one of the top leagues in Europe and the league is run according to FIBA rules. The Italian clubs in the Serie A have won the most FIBA Saporta Cups, the most FIBA Korac Cups and the most EuroLeague championships.

This makes the Serie A a collection of the finest basketball teams that Europe has to offer, and the league looks set to continue to grow from strength to strength.


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