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The Top 10 Sports in Italy

The Top 10 Sports in Italy

When it comes to the question of which sports are the most popular ones in Italy, there can be no arguments about soccer being anything except number one. And this is for a good reason: the national soccer team of Italy has managed to win the World Cup in 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006. It is the second-most successful team I the history of national soccer, but there are other sports that Italians are drawn to as well, which are outlined here for your browsing convenience.

10. Rugby

The game is rugby is quite a popular one, especially in the Northern parts of Italy. The introduction of rugby into Italy dates to more than a century ago, when it was brought in by the British society settling visiting the country between 1890 and 1895.

9. Golf

The game of golf is relatively well-liked by Italians, and there are more than 9 000 registered golf players there.

There are also some professional players who are notable from this part of the world, including Francesco Molinari and Constantino Rocca.

8. Tennis

Tennis tournaments which are televised along with those that take place on Italian courts have a good following in Italy. Looking at the top 200 players at any given time will usually reveal professional players from this country.

7. Athletics

Track and field events are popular in Italy, and athletes who do well at the Olympic and National levels are celebrated throughout the country.

6. Wrestling

While many may not consider wrestling an official sport, pro wrestling is popular in Italy, and the American promoters for these games often take a trip to Italy because of this.

5. Water Polo

There is a significant amount of both pro and amateur players for water polo in Italy, and the national team is often ranked in the top four worldwide.

Sports betting for this sport is also popular, often garnering as much attention as AFL Premiership betting, when big events are being held.


4. Cycling

Only the Belgians have won more World Cycling Championships than the Italians have!

3. Volleyball

Pallavolo, as volleyball is known in Italy, is very popular, and the country has several players who enjoy the sport on an amateur level for recreational purposes.

The Italian Volleyball League is a respected one amongst pro players, and widely regarded as one of the best in the world.

Both the male and female national teams frequently rank among the top teams in the world.

2. Basketball

Not many are aware of it, but Italy has one of the best basketball leagues outside of the USA. It is, in fact, one of the best basketball countries in Europe, along with Greece, Spain, and Turkey.

1. Soccer

Italy does not see soccer as a sport, and the inhabitants of Italy treat the game almost as seriously as they do their religions! Whether it's soccer cards, players or even the soccer pitch, it is all almost sacred.

Italy has given some of the most dominant teams in both international and European competitions, and every weekend there are thousands of people that flock en masse to view the games live.

These same people, when Monday comes around, meetup to discuss the results of the games, too, and make their predictions as to what the future may or may not hold.


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