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Investigation Begun Into Cairns Bar Brawl

Investigation Begun Into Cairns Bar Brawl

The National Rugby League, or NRL, integrity unit chief investigator, Karyn Murphy, will be looking over the alleged brawl between Italian teammates Shannon Wakeman and James Tedesco on behalf of the NRL’s organisers.

The Roosters’ Recruit, As Well

Tedesco, hailing from Italy, is the Sydney Roosters’ recruit, and represents his home country at the rugby league tournament. Reports allege that one of his teammates, Wakeman, hit him during a party at a bar in Cairns after they lost their match with Ireland with a final score of 36 – 12.

An Official Statement Released

The whole Italian team were subsequently ejected from the bar, and officials for the Rugby League World Cup have elected Murphy to investigate the incident.

The statement released by the organisers said that they were aware of an incident involving the team from Italy, which took place at a bar in Cairns, where NRL is a favourite sport of many, on Sunday evening, and that the matter was being handled by the integrity unit for the organisation. They added that making any additional comments at this time would be inappropriate, and this would not occur until the final report was received.

An Internal Review Being Conducted Too

While most of the country was enjoying the fun of online casino no deposit bonuses for first-rate casino games, the Italians were venting their frustration and disappointment in a totally unacceptable manner in a public space, bringing shame on the League.

Orazio D’arro, President of the Federation of Italian Rugby League, confirmed that there was additionally an internal review being conducted as well. He added that both players would appear before the committee within the following 24 hours regarding their disgusting conduct.

D’arro hurried to ensure the press that there was no way that the FIRL condoned this type of behaviour, and that consequences would be meted out to the players who seem to have forgotten that they are representatives not only of the Italian team, but of the Rugby League World Cup as well.

Wakeman and Tedesco Remain on the Team

The brawling players are still representing their country, and are en route to Townsville, where they will play their next game for the RLWC, facing up against the Americans.

Their coach, Cameron Ciraldo, was apparently not with them when the altercation occurred, but informed the media that the pair had very quickly made up after the misunderstanding. Wakeman apparently apologised and the pair shook hands. He added that the players would accept whatever consequences the organisers meted out.

Ciraldo then stated that Wakeman had spent some quality time with his girlfriend and returned to the camp, and hastened to add that there would be a disciplinary meeting within the team to decide the way forward. Apparently the brawlers’ teammates tried to break things up, and no real harm was done to the hot-headed pair. It remains to be seen if the organisational consequences will cause the damage they somehow managed to avoid.


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