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London is Stressing Morata Out

Alvaro Morata has admitted the London stresses him out, and that Italy was the perfect place for a Spaniard. He added that he did not see himself staying in the capital for very long, just ahead of returning to Italy for the Chelsea game coming up against Roma.

Real Madrid and the Buy-Back Clause

The striker departed from the Juventus Football Club last year, rejoining Real Madrid after the Spanish Football Club set the buy-back clause in his contract in motion. He had won two Serie A titles, and aided Juventus in reaching the Champion League final game in the two years he spent in Turin.

Even though he battled to earn frequent first-team opportunities with Real Madrid, Morata very quickly got himself up to speed with the Premier League after he moved to Chelsea. He has scored six goals in the nine appearances he has made, but has disclosed that it is the pace of life off of the pitch which he is struggling to deal with.

La Gazetta dello Sport Reveal

Morata informed La Gazzetta dello Sport, an Italian newspaper, that he was doing alright. He then said that he had made a home in downtown Chelsea, and that the coexistence of such vastly different religions and cultures, the overall multi-ethnicity, of London truly fascinated him. He divulged, however, that he did not envision staying in London indefinitely, citing the level of busyness as a stressor that he was struggling to deal with. Perhaps he should try the online pokies NZ has to offer, in between his training sessions? Nothing to relax you like winning a little extra money!

Morata Waxes Lyrical about Italy

Morata has an Italian wife, and told the newspaper that he felt that he had arrived at Juventus as a boy, but that the club had made a man out of him. He added that the environment was ideal as well, and that he was in no hurry to leave it in order to return to Madrid. He went on to say that Italy was the perfect place for a Spaniard to make his home, citing the European-style beauty, history, art, fashion, and cooking as some of the reasons he loved it so much. Had it been up to him, he said, he would never have left Italy or Juventus.

Conte Provided a Reason to Move On

Morata spoke of his enormous disappointment at having to leave Juventus, and spoke of the frustration of having to begin again, after the hard work he had so diligently put in. He said that he felt that the Real Madrid team treated him as the player he was before completing two seasons with Juventus.

Morata missed out on the opportunity to work with Antonio Conte, current head coach for Chelsea, as his arrival in 2014 occurred very shortly before Conte’s exit. He stated that the lure of working with the Italian was the deciding factor in his Stamford Bridge move.


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