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Rome’s Olympic Stadium Scene of Shameful Anti-Semitism

Italian sports authorities are going to have to do more to address the revolting anti-Semitism in their stadiums, and apply penalties to the so-called fans indulging in it. This is according to Italy’s Jewish communities’ leader, and pretty much the rest of the world.

The latest example of this is what she was reacting to: Lazio fans, in an anti-Semitic frenzy, posted stickers of Holocaust victim Anne Frank in the jersey of AS Roma, the team’s rival, at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

Sports is a New Way to Spread Hate

Noemi Di Segni, the Jewish communities’ leader, stated that the newest way of expressing this kind of bigotry and anti-Semitism was, apparently, sports. The revolting episode occurred last Sunday, and was universally condemned.

On Wednesday evening a passage from Frank’s haunting diary was read aloud as the Serie A matches began, in an attempt to garner a moment of reflection from the hatemongers.

Lazio Says No to Anti-Semitism

The team took to the field wearing shirts that bore Frank’s picture along with the words No to Anti-Semitism, quote unquote, as they began their away game against the team from Bologna. Copies of Frank’s famous diary where further handed out to children attending the event.

Di Segni, however, feels that a lot more needs to be done, and most of the world agrees with her. Although she acknowledged the importance of the gesture made by the Lazio team, she was firm in her belief that this was simply not enough. She talked of the need for more legality, and penalties for those who continued to indulge in this kind of hate-speech. She said that people behaving this abominably should be sanctioned just like others involved in any type of sports related crimes, and this kind of pro-active approach to the degenerate behaviour should begin at once.

Lazio Fans Continue Their Loathsome Behaviour

There were Lazio fans who repeated Fascist songs during the match on Wednesday, resulting in the leading sports newspaper for Italy, the La Gazzetta dello Sport, to speak of the shame having no end, and rightly so. The fans that are speaking out should channel their energy into something more positive, even if it’s an activity like playing the online roulette NZ has to offer- as clearly they are not able to behave properly in public.


The Culprits Have Been Identified

According to reports from the Italian media, the police have managed to identify 20 people suspected of distributing the revolting stickers and chanting the facile Fascist slogans at the stadium itself, and this group includes many individuals who have previously been banned because they are hooligans.

The chairman for Lazio, Claudio Lotito, laid a wreath at the synagogue in Rome in an attempt to distance himself and his team from these so-called fans, but more needs to be done. This kind of behaviour, as di Segni rightly points out, is not only offensive to Jewish people, but to civil society as a whole.



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