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Tight Schedule Aside, Italy’s Sports Minister Hopeful for

Italy’s Sports Minister remains hopeful with the progress for Naples 2019 preparations despite the tight schedule the project has to reckon with. Luca Lotti remains confident that Naples will be ready when the time for the 2019 Summer Universiade rolls around, and is proud of the progress already being made.

Naples Confirmed Officially in May 2016

Naples got confirmed as the host city officially in May last year, after the bidding process was reopened when Brasilia, the original hosts, withdrew in January of 2015. Brazil’s capital stated an inability to meet the necessary financial commitments as their reason for opting out.

Shortened Time Frame Posed Problems

Given the fact that there were only two years to prepare for the Universiade, the completion of venues for the competition was expected to be difficult from the get go. Lotti has stated that he is totally confident that Naples will be ready in time to host the multi-sport event, adding that the Italians had made a point with it.

He acknowledged that they were running late, but pointed out that the first results were already being revealed thanks to the wonderful teamwork in place. He said that hosting the event was an incredible opportunity, and that the city and country took making it a successful one very seriously.

Everyone is Working Together

In much the same way that people who enjoy playing mobile pokies will share info and opinions about various games to help other players, many organisations are involved in ensuring that the Universiade goes well.

Earlier on this month, the president of the International University Sport Federation, of FISU, Oleg Matystsin vowed to help the city, as did his secretary general, Saintrond. They are supporting efficient and creative, quote unquote, solutions to the various challenges which have arisen.

FISU also committed to a contract with EPIC, a company specialising in planning strategic events, based in the USA, with the aim of helping the various local organisers in meeting the strict schedule for the preparations.

The exciting event will be hosting numerous athletic events, including archery, basketball, football, swimming, fencing, and diving, all of which are listed as compulsory sports, and further offer artistic and rhythmic gymnasts a place to perform. Events like horse racing or dressage are not included, but there is scope for these to be added at a later date.

Taekwondo, volleyball, table tennis, water polo, sailing, shooting and rugby sevens contests will also be available after Naples decided to include them as optional activities for the event as well. The San Paolo stadium, home to the Serie A football team for Napoli, is likely to be upgraded as it prepares to host these events, and the festivities will begin on the 3rd of July, and extend to the 14th of that month, in 2019.



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