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Who is On the Move Around Europe?

With the January transfer window opening in two short months, there is already much speculation about who is moving where around the European football teams, specifically, of course, Italy and Spain. We have rounded up the very best of these rumours in order to bring you all the latest and most accurate reports on what is going on.

Cristiano Ronaldo is Apparently behind Gonzalo Higuain’s Departure

Although Gonzalo Higuain spent six years with the Real Madrid Football Club, pressure from Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly the reason for his departure.

The superstar, it is said, was unhappy with Higuain’s seeming inability to pass the ball to him, and informed Florentino Perez that he wanted him gone. This is what paved the way for the forward’s arrival in Napoli.

Morata Says Juventus Move was a Mistake

Alvaro Morata has acknowledged that his move back to Real Madrid in 2016 was a mistake, and says that he knows he should have stayed where he was. The Spanish international joined the La Liga club once more after wowing at Juventus, but found it difficult to get a starting place before his move to Stamford Bridge over the summer.

He informed La Gazzetta dello Sport, a leading Italian newspaper, that his disappointment was immense, and he felt like he had been forced to go right back to the beginning. He further stated that Real Madrid treated him as the player he had been before he had spent two years refining his skills for the club.

Morata said that he arrived in Italy as a boy, and felt like he had become a true player, a man, as it were, by the end of his time there. He added that he should never have left. While some players have certain superstitions that relate to the games and luck, Morata seems to know the reality of his situation all too well.

Marcelino Thought He Would be Boss

Coach for Valencia FC, Marcelino, has said that he was under the impression that he was going to be named the Inter Milan boss over the last season. The Spaniard was interviewed after Frank de Boer got fired, but the club opted to go with Stefano Poli for the position.

Marcelino stated that two technical meetings had been undergone in Milan, and that, after the second, he was sure that he would be asked to coach Inter. Anything is possible, however, as players of the online pokies NZ has to offer will be happy to tell you, and sometime between 23h00 on the Saturday and Sunday following, something changed, and it turned out not to be.

Marcelino has managed to guide Valencia to an impressive second place in La Liga, however, after a fantastic start to the season, and aired these views with no apparent rancour.

Barcelona Prepared to Bid for Kimmich

Barcelona is all set to bid for the versatile full-back from Bayern Munich, Joshua Kimmich. Kimmich has impressed many in his play for the German side so far, including Manchester City, and has started nine of the ten Bundesliga games his team has had this season. Barcelona is willing to offer €50 million for the gifted 22-year old player.



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